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THE FUTURE WILL NOT BE PODCAST is an unscripted, unedited conversation about Future Shock — the idea that technology is accelerating so quickly that human minds, laws, and societies can't keep up, and why that is a fundamentally new problem for our generation, and our children.

It's hosted by 3 guys who have covered technology and media for a decade: Matt Silverman, Evan Engel, and Alex Fitzpatrick.

Our logo is designed by Emily Caufield. Our theme music is "Yesterday" by Otis McDonald (CC/YouTube Audio Library).

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    19 Outsourcing Memory

    What is a person, if not just a bag of water and her memories?

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    16 Basic Income

    If your rent and food was covered, what would you do with your working hours?

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    11 Deep Fakes

    Could we ever really trust the moving image?

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